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Why are pigeons under the solar panels on my roof?

Pigeons love to live and nest under the solar panels on the roof of our homes and business's. And it's apparently working out really well for them because it's becoming a huge problem throughout the Phoenix AZ area.

What about solar panels attracts the pigeons?

It's pretty simple, really. Pigeons need the same things every other critter needs: food, water and shelter. Roof mounted solar panels offer the shelter they need right in the middle of our neighborhoods where they find the food and water they need. The panels also offer the added bonus of being up high, which is where most birds want to live, and of facilitating the pigeons need for community as lots of their friends and neighbors live up there, too. They start out leaning against the support brackets under the panels and that's generally where the first nests are built. Over time, as the feces, twigs, dead birds, etc. accumulates under the panels and the pigeon population grows, they are able to nest just about anywhere on the roof - and do.

Why should I have the pigeons removed from under the solar panels?

Of course, no matter where pigeons hang out, they are constantly pooping. A lot. All of the time. Pigeon feces is very acidic and over time will literally destroy the solar panels and the roofing materials that they roost on every day. Bird poop is also an unhealthy addition to human's environment as it harbors many known diseases and parasites. If you have pigeons living under solar panels or anywhere else on your roof you and your family/co-workers are breathing their feces daily. And a pigeon problem of any kind is embarrassing, frustrating and lowers property values. It always costs more the longer you wait.

Known Parasites
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