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Pigeons Become
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How do pigeons become trap shy?

Trapping critters can be tricky, regardless of what, where or why. That said, there's a right way to implement a pigeon trapping and removal program and a lot of wrong ways. Doing it incorrectly or being lazy about the details can destroy a trapping program and make the pigeons trap shy, which means very difficult to ever catch in a trap. There are a few things that stick out as real trapping program killers:

  • Bad traps. Traps are like most any other piece of equipment: they need to be taken care of and maintained on a regular basis. Moving parts need to be oiled regularly so they work smoothly and quietly. Only food grade oils should ever be used on a trap.
  • Traps should be 'seasoned', meaning they should smell like the critter your trying to catch. Every time you catch pigeons in a given trap, that trap becomes more seasoned and therefore more effective. Cleaning isn't generally a good idea for that reason.
  • Lack of pre-baiting. The trap should be wired open and baited several times before trying to remove birds. A lazy bird control expert may try to remove the birds too soon, resulting in a smaller number of birds taken. When this happens, the rest of the birds may become more cautious of the trap. You need ALL of the pigeons literally fighting over the bait together as a community for optimum results.
  • Leaving birds in the traps for extended periods of time. If they suffer and/or die in the trap, the rest of the population will likely not go into the trap - ever. Making the birds suffer is not a good thing to do anyway and can also get you in hot water with folks if they find out.
  • Not taking the pigeons at least 50 miles away. Once released, the pigeons will tray to find their way back home - and they're really good at that. If they do, they'll never go into a trap again and you'll have an upset customer for sure.

Just from this small sampling of information you can see that there are a lot of ways to mess up a trapping program. And for the lazy or uninformed bird control expert, there are many more. There are tons of pigeon control companies out there that are in too big of a hurry to do it right and the customer always ends up paying for it. You won't have that problem with us - we promise! Call, text or fill out our contact form and get your pigeon control done right the first time.

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