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Solar Panels

Can pigeons damage solar panels?

Absolutely. Positively. With out a doubt. You can bank on it. If pigeons are on your roof and you have solar panels, they ARE pooping on them and damaging them as you read this. The sooner you get rid of the pigeons under your solar panels the better and we're the best at it anywhere in Phoenix.

How do pigeons damage solar panels?

By pooping. And nothing poops like a pigeon. Their poop not only accumulates at an alarming rate, but it's also extremely acidic and damages just about anything it lands on. That very much includes solar panels. When pigeons are under solar panels raising a family, they spend an awful lot of time out on the roof - and on the solar panels - hanging out with their friends and family. And, of course, they are pooping constantly. No matter where they are or who's watching, pigeons are pooping. The more they poop on the panels, they less effective they are at gathering the sun light and producing power. If left for a long period of time, pigeons are quite capable of absolutely ruining the panels. And it looks terrible, too!

What should be done to prevent damage to the panels?

First, the area under the solar panels needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to minimize the health risks to the home owner and their family. Then this protected area needs to be taken away from the pigeons permanently. A good, sturdy mesh/screening is the proper product and it needs to be installed in such a way as to not actually be permanently attached to the panels themselves. This is important as gluing and/or screwing into the panels will void the warranty. The panels themselves should be cleaned with the proper cleaning solutions and equipment, too. If there are any other problem areas on the structure, they should be taken care of as well. If the pigeons are left to live on the building they will continue to poop on the solar panels.


"I couldn't believe how much pigeon mess they took off of our roof. That alone was worth every penny."

— Rich