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Is cleaning the pigeon feces included if I hire you?

Absolutely NOTHING poops like a pigeon. That's usually the main reason why the customer called in the first place. They don't want to live with it and we don't want to work in it so we clean up the mess before we do the actually exclusion work with every job we do.

What problems are caused by pigeon feces?

There are a couple of very real problems with pigeon feces:

  • There's just so much of it! It's everywhere, all of the time!
  • It clogs up the roof drainage system, rain gutters and anywhere else it accumulates.
  • It attracts the pigeons who live there back for life.
  • It's embarrassing! And can bring HOA fines.
  • It can create an unhealthy environment for humans and their pets.

What do you do as far as the cleaning goes?

We will spray down and disinfect the areas that we are targeting with our work. Then we'll spray down the walls, cement, walkways, etc. below where the feces may have accumulated. We will also remove and bag up any large accumulations of feces and/or nesting whether it be under a roof-mounted A/C unit, in a roof line nook, in a chimney spark arrestor, under roof mounted solar panels, etc. Some times the total amount of poop can be a little crazy but the amount of time needed for the cleaning is factored in to the quote you received up front. No surprises.

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