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How Does Pigeon Netting Work?

Pigeon netting is really one of the more effective pigeon control products as far as keeping them out of partially enclosed areas. Of course that's dependent on the netting being the right product for a specific situation and it being installed correctly. We've installed a ton of pigeon netting in the Phoenix AZ area through the years, often combined with other bird control products such as bird spike strips, screening, etc. for an all encompassing pigeon control solution for our customer.

What are some examples of how pigeon netting should be used?

When you think of pigeon netting as a solution to a pigeon problem, think of partially enclosed spaces that provide the birds with shelter. Spaces such as under roof mounted air conditioners or where two roof lines meet up on your roof to create a nook. One of the more common commercial uses is to install it to create a false ceiling under an awning, airplane hanger or loading dock. If done correctly, the netting will protect all of the conduit, piping, beams and lights that pigeons love to roost on. The netting must be installed very taught - so it can't move around in the wind - and straight. It also must be installed flush against the buildings surfaces whether that be a wall, eave, awning or the roof. These spaces should be cleaned and sanitized before installation. There are literally thousands of different applications for pigeon netting. It's a very versatile pigeon control product.

What are some examples of where not to use pigeon netting?

There are lots of places where pigeon netting should not be used. It should never be installed in a place where it will be exposed to extreme heat or fire such as a chimney. It also shouldn't be installed anywhere that could make it difficult for people to enter and exit spaces they need to get to. We can install zippers in many cases to remedy that situation. Netting is not the correct product for the top of the roof, or on ledges or pop outs. It just won't work in those places. And it's usually not the best product to use to prevent pigeons from getting under solar panels. Screening works better there. Even if it's installed in the right places, if it's not installed exactly right it won't work - we see it all of the time.

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