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Flash Tape For Pigeon Control

Flash Tape

Flash Tape

Flash tape can be an option for some bird control situations, but it's usually used incorrectly. Most of the time it is just one ingredient in an overall pigeon control program - not the total solution all by itself. The premise is that flash tape can introduce some movement into an area which can make birds uncomfortable.  Combined with color and light reflection, the hope is that it will get the birds to move on. Whereas, pigeon spike is more of a physical barrier which protects a specific ledge and pigeon netting is an exclusion product that keeps them out of an area all together. We've found that flash tape can be effective but only in certain situations.

Another thing that we've found through the years is that bad bird control can actually make the problem harder to get rid of in the long term. If you use flash tape - or anything else - to scare birds away and it doesn't work, they will likely just become more resilient and stubborn and the problem gets harder to solve as a result. A great example is when pigeons become trap shy because the trapping program was done incorrectly. Nickle and diming a bird problem almost always ends up costing more before the problem is licked. And flash tape can be a bit unsightly, depending on where it's used. We really advise getting good information and putting together a well thought out plan before proceeding. Of course, if you call us we'll give you a free quote and we'll guarantee the work should you hire us.

We serve the entire metro Phoenix area, so no matter where you're located we can help. That includes west valley cities such as Buckeye, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Waddell and Goodyear. Plus east valley cities such as Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Cave Creek and Tempe.


"Most of the houses around us have pigeon poop but we no longer do. Thank you!"

— JD L.

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