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Do Pigeon Spike Strips Work?

Everyone who can get their hands on a box of pigeon spike strips are instantly a bird control specialist. Not! That's why spike are the most common thing that we need to remove when we pigeon proof a structure.

What do spike strips work for?

There are several manufacturers of bird control products that sell their own version(s) of pigeon spike strips. Some are better than others while some are just not very good at all. Spike strips come in different widths and configurations and are made of a variety of materials. But they all have one important thing in common: they are what we call ledge products. That's because that is what they are designed to do: protect a ledge. If the installer selects the correct spike, with the correct width and configuration, and installs it correctly, pigeon spike will do a good job of protecting that ledge from roosting pigeons. If a stainless steel product is chosen it will generally be much less visible than the plastic versions and will definitely hold up much longer in the Phoenix heat. In short, this is the perfect product for ledge protection if done right.

Pigeon Spike On Pop Out Ledge

Pigeon Spikes On A Pop Out Ledge


Where do spike strips not work?

Almost everywhere else. All a strip of bird spike is is a physical barrier. So the pigeons cannot stand right where the spikes are installed. They can stand right next to them and even bump up and/or lean up against them. That's why they work so well on ledges: there's a wall on one side and nothing on the other. Same thing for a security camera or for some chimneys. In general terms, spike does not work well on the roof, in the nooks where two roof lines meet, or to keep pigeons from getting under solar panels. We remove a ton of it from those areas. It should not be used in areas where humans and/or pets may be injured by the tines, which can be pretty sharp. It can be used to back the pigeons up from an overhang or the edge of the roof right above an awning or entryway. But they'll probably just sit above it and their poop will end up in the same place anyway. There is a specially made spike that works on gutters - or the regular spike can be customized for that use.

There are other products available for those other situations and any real Phoenix area pigeon control professional will know what it takes to solve the problem. It is more often than not a combination of two or more products that gets the job done. The most important factors are effectiveness and durability but aesthetics are also an important consideration for any pigeon control plan or program. Cleaning the targeted surfaces should be included with every job - period.



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