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What are Daddi Long Legs?

Daddi Long Legs are a pigeon control product made by Bird Barrier, which is one of our main pigeon control product suppliers. There is also a similar product called Bird Spider, which is made by Bird-B-Gone - another supplier we've used for years.

How do Daddi Long Legs help with pigeon control?

The Daddi Long Legs, as well as the Bird Spider, is considered a medium pressure pigeon control product. Meaning that it may not work where the pigeons are extremely committed to the structure. I like to describe it as a 'Limited Surface Protector' as I've had tremendous success protecting chimneys, roof-mounted A/C / evap units, and other such small perching surfaces. A Daddi Long Legs sometimes needs to be augmented with other products/installations such as a repellent gel or Optical Gel to be effective. It can also be an effective solution for water features and beach entries if used correctly. One of the more common uses is on boats to help discourage seagulls and other water fowl from roosting - and pooping.

Where/why would a Daddi Long Legs not be effective?

This particular pigeon control product does not - in general terms - work well to control other species of birds. That IS NOT written in stone, however. There are products that are literally called 'Ledge Products' and are made specifically for protecting a ledge, such as Pigeon Spike Strips. Daddi Ling Legs are not usually a great choice for this application. And they won't work to keep pigeons off of the roof or out from under solar panels. The misuse of this, and pretty much all, pigeon control product can embolden the pigeons and make them harder to get rid of. Though easy to install (3 screws), proper placement and it's inclusion into an effective pigeon control program are critical to it's overall effectiveness.

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"Pigeons were nesting in our chimney and making all sorts of weird noises. Not to mention the POOP! They were gone immediately and have not been back since the work was done. Worth every penny!"

— Brett S