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So Many
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Why are there so many
bird control companies in Phoenix?

If there weren't a lot of pest bird problems here in the Phoenix AZ area there wouldn't be a lot of bird control companies. It's that simple. Necessity is the mother of invention, or something like that, right? Birds - mostly pigeons - have become a huge pest control problem and, as a result, folks are looking for solutions. Unfortunately, all bird control companies in Phoenix are not created equally so you gotta be careful when choosing one to spend your hard earned dollars with.

What should I look for in a bird control company?

Obviously you want to check out any company's online reputation. These days, it's hard to hide. If you can get a referral from someone you know who had a good experience with bird control, even better. But, beyond that, it can be hard to know what to do when you're buying something as obscure as bird control. We only get one chance to make a good first impression, so were they responsive when you originally reached out to them? Did they show up when they said they would? That alone can tell you a lot about a person and/or company. Next, do they have a plan that they really seem to have a good grasp of and can they relay that information to you in a way that allows you to really understand it, too? You shouldn't buy something you do not have at least a rudimentary understanding of. That's the best way to get burned.

What should I be cautious of when it comes to a bird control company?

A bad online reputation is just that - bad. Again, if they can't keep their appointment that can raise a red flag, as well. But one of the biggest things is their solution to your bird problem and how they convey that info to you. If they're bouncing around or changing stuff just to please you, be careful. A real professional knows what it takes to get the job done and isn't easy to sway. If they're trying too hard and giving up on their plan easily, move on to someone else. Bird control can be done a thousand different ways but, in general terms, only one or two is apt to be the correct way. The last thing you need is bird control that's ugly or doesn't work or both. And cleaning up the poop should be included with every quote.

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"I'm actually blown away by how good they were. I have no birds and would highly recommend them."

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